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MYC Tournament: Father and Son Tag Battle by YamchaFan91
MYC Tournament: Father and Son Tag Battle
My entry for :icontheallnewoc-burst:'s Man Your Canons Tournament.

In this tournament you get to use a tag team of your OC and your favourite canon DB character.
Naturally I chose Jiuniang and Yamcha as my team and they are facing :icontimz115:'s OC Hakiza and Yamcha's regular partner, Tenshinhan.
I had fun drawing Hakiza :D

I hope you like it, Tim :hug::D

Also please comment when :+fav:/:+favlove:

Yamcha and Tenshinhan belong to Akira Toriyama
Hakiza belongs to :icontimz115:
Jiuniang and art belong to me
Draw This Challenge 1: 15 minute Tree by YamchaFan91
Draw This Challenge 1: 15 minute Tree
My first entry for the Draw This Challenge.
I decided to take these challenges to try and beat my art block.

I chose the tree challenge first.
I hope you all like it.

Art by me
New MMD Motion DL Available over at :iconmihonosaka-mmd: : Bad Bananas (Game Grumps meme) :D
Enjoy :D
[MMD Motion DL] Bad Bananas by MihoNosaka-MMD
Ultimate Princess Bulma by YamchaFan91
Ultimate Princess Bulma
I based this picture on one of Kylie Minogue's Album Covers.
I always wanted to draw a picture of Bulma in that style, so I drew this last weekend to try and fight my art block.
I also wanted to try drawing her using the eyes she is seen with in some fanart.

I hope you all like it :D

:bulletred:No Flaming or Rude Comments please:bulletred:

Please comment when :+fav:/:+favlove:

Bulma belongs to Akira Toriyama
Art belongs to me
Yippy Dog by YamchaFan91
Yippy Dog
Sequel to this picture:…

A picture based on a short RP with my friend :iconeric-arts-inc: :D
I've been having a very bad art block lately and this idea came to my head yesterday so I decided to get this done. 

October Age 756
It had been three years since Arisa and her friends were defeated by Emperor Dajjal.
Luckilly they had been spared from death by Yajirobe and the senzu beans and continued training for the 23rd Tenkaichi Budkai.
However, Arisa's pride had been damaged by her loss and she vowed to train to defeat Dajjal, even if it was the last thing she did.

Arisa finally located the evil saiyan, who had returned to earth, hoping to conquer it again.

Dajjal only looked on at the earthling woman.
"Silence you human maggot, how dare you address your superior in that manner! You will learn respect brat, and suffering shall be your teacher."

Daikon, Arisa's friend who was a saiyan from the Vegeta Kingdom and Yamcha located Arisa and Dajjal and started to try and stop her from fighting Dajjal to her death.


"I DON'T CARE!!" Arisa yelled back at her friend. "I HAVE TRAINED FOR THREE LONG YEARS, I CAN STOP HIM!!"

Dajjal smirked, that earthling worm really did wish for her death so eagerlly and he will gladly give it to her.
Arisa, very overconfident, wanted this rematch very much and wants to avenge her loss three years ago.

Yamcha quickly flew to Arisa and grabbed her, dragging her away from the evil emperor. "Excuse us"
Daikon grabbed Arisa's other arm and the two prepared to get away from Daijjal before he slays Arisa.

"UNHAND ME YOU TWO!!" Arisa yelled, still overconfident that she will beat Dajjal and end his reign of terror. "DAJJAL DESERVES WHAT'S COMING TO HIM!!"

Dajjal's temper grew as the earthling yelled on about defeating him, he was losing his cool at the annoying earthling, who appeared to him like an angry small dog.
He turned to Daikon and Yamcha as they were tring to get Arisa to safety.

Will you two kindly silence that yippy dog for two seconds or I shall silence her PERMANENTLY!"

"EXCUSE US" Yamcha and Daikon yelled and they grabbed Arisa and flew all the way back to West City.
When they arrived in Capsule Corporation, Arisa suckled in the living room and Yamcha and Daikon gave her a talk.

Arisa, what the fuck were you thinking? We need to train more in order to defeat Dajjal!!" Daikon explained to Arisa.

"But I know that I'm ready, Daikon!!" Arisa argued "I've been training for three years for this, I know I can take him!"

"Think some more before challenging someone as strong as him!" Yamcha yelled back.

Arisa sucked on the couch, she thought she was going to defeat the evil emperor this time but her friends had to take her away from the action.

Here I decided to draw Arisa as an angry terrier in Dajjal's eyes since I thought it was funny to draw her as one.
and I decided to add a funny look to Daikon's face and make Dajjal super-scary.
In case you are wondering why Arisa has shorter hair, she cuts it during the 23rd Budokai.

I hope you like it, Eric :hug::D


Also please comment when :+fav:/:+favlove:

Emperor Dajjal belongs to :iconeric-arts-inc:
Yamcha belongs to Akira Toriyama
Story belongs to :iconeric-arts-inc: and me
Daikon, Arisa and art belong to me

Hey Guys, YamchaFan91 here :D

Yesterday, my father was discharged from the hospital and is mostly back to his old self again :D
He still needs four weeks bedrest but otherwise he is better than before.

So I will be online regularly again.

In other news, I have just posted my newest MMD Motion Data DL up at :iconmihonosaka-mmd: :D

[Motion DL] That Makes Me Feel Like Doin' Fightin' by MihoNosaka-MMD
It is based on South Park's Russel Crowe Episode :D
I hope you all like it and enjoy using it in your MMD Meme Compilations.

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Is obssessed with Yamcha!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
New Zealand
I am on MSN
Fell free to add me to your contact list friends, I would love to chat with my DA friends :D

My name is Ceara and I'm a 24 year old Otaku who lives in New Zealand.I have been drawing manga fanart since 1998 and want to be a comic book artist, animator or a character designer someday :D
I also love to play video games (mostly WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2009 and 2011, Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2, Dragonball Budokai 3 and Sparking METEOR, Tony Hawk Undergorund 2, Dead or Alive 1, 2, 3 & Ultimate, Super Street Fighter IV, Virtua Tennis 3,Sega Superstar tennis, Soul Calibur II & IV, Tekken 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 and many old arcade games)

My six main fandoms are Dragonball, Dr. Slump, Precure, Pokemon, Tsuide Ni Tonchinkan and Yugioh.

My Other Pages
:iconmihonosaka-mmd:MihoNosaka-MMD My MikuMikuDance Page, where I post all my models, bases and MMD Pictures

:iconyamchafandeathbattle:YamchaFanDeathBattle Where I post and discuss Death Battles Currently not taking requests and using my own art in them from now on so it will take longer to make new ones

:iconmiho-nosaka-stamps:Miho-Nosaka-stamps This is where I post my stamps

Current Residence: New Zealand
Favourite genre of music: 80's Pop, Heavy Metal, Sad Songs and Jpop
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga style
Operating System: Windows 8
MP3 player of choice: My Ipod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Yamcha (Dragonball) Anzu Mazaki (Yugioh) Tsun Tsukutsun (Dr Slump), Tonbu Chun (Tsuide ni Tonchinkan)
Personal Quote: Rouga Fufu Ken! (Yamcha, Dragonball) Aho!! (The Tonchinkan)


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I'd rather have an art trade and eventually start money commisions.

however you may still give me points if you want to EG. If I won them in a contest or something.

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