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Arisa's Budokai Bio by YamchaFan91 Arisa's Budokai Bio by YamchaFan91
Arisa's bio for the :iconbudokai: group :D

Name: Arisa Ariyoshi

Age: 15-50 years old (pictured at 18, born June 26th Age 734)


Race: Human

Power Level:1-2

Techniques and their effects (optional):
Rougafufuken - taught by her friend Yamcha

Kamehameha - Also taught to her by Yamcha

Sokidan - another technique taught to her by Yamcha

Chi-blocking technique - one of Arisa's few talents that she does not learn from Yamcha.
When she successfully does the attack, she attacks people in their pressure points and renders them unable to use ki attacks.

Flying -Another technique learnt from Yamcha

Character History(optional): Arisa was a classmate of Bulma's at West City High School who liked to do Martial Arts.

When Yamcha transferred there in October Age 749, Arisa was so amazed by his Martial Arts skills that she wanted to learn some of his techniques to try and improve her own skills.

For six months she followed him whenever he practiced his Martial Arts, observing his talents and how he defeated every single dojo in the city.

Eventually Yamcha ended up teaching her some of his Martial Arts moves and they became the best of friends.

Over the years Arisa wanted to do every single Martial Arts related thing that Yamcha could do.
She eventually joined the Kame school sometime after Yamcha and even went training around the world like he did.

When she saw her friend's death iat the hands of the Saibaman in Age 762, Arisa was devistated and heartbroken.

So to get through her grief she trained even harder, eventually developing a few teachniques of her own.

When she heard that Yamcha was brought back to life 15 months later she continued her training with him for the rest of her life.

Bio Template :iconbudokai: [link]
Yamcha and Dragonball Akira Toriyama
Arisa me
Isa-Love-Anime Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Aw, she really likes Yamcha, they sound like very good friends X3
YamchaFan91 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah X3 Arisa's relationship with Yamcha is like Sakura's worship of Ryu from Street Fighter.
I tried to base Arisa's relationship with Yamcha on these two :XD:
Isa-Love-Anime Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010
Ooh, that's so cute =D

It was a great idea ^__^
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