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Daikon's Budokai Bio by YamchaFan91 Daikon's Budokai Bio by YamchaFan91
Daikon's bio for the :iconbudokai: club :D

Name: Daikon
Age:20-55 years old (born July 7th Age 729)
Gender: Male
Race: Saiyan
Power Level:2-3
Techniques and their effects (optional):

Kamehameha- Technique taught to him by Yamcha and Goku on earth

Touch of Death - Daikon used to have a scythe as a weapon before landing on earth. When he attacked with it, he transferred some of his kin into the weapon and when it touched somebody, it killed them instantly.

Soki-Flash - A variant of the Sokidan technique which acutally is controlled with the left hand instead of the right.

Flying - He has known how to fly all his life, being a Saiyan and raised by saiyans.

Oter ki-based attacks - He also learnt ki-based attacks at an early age.

Character History(optional): Daikon and his twin sister were one of 38 saiyans raised by an evil saiyaness named Shegau to try and help her conquer the universe.

After some harsh training and raising by Shegau, they are forced to slave over building a spaceship to take their leader and the other saiyans to earth.
However, Shegau made it clear that she had only wanted her favourites to conquer the planet at her side.

Daikon's sister was one of the many saiyans slaughtered by Shegau.
and he was one of the remaining saiyans left to die.

However he and the rest of the saiyans built a ship and landed on a planet for refuge.
There Daikon had learnt to become a good guy and redeemed himself.

He travelled to earth and met a woman and fell in love.
They got married and had a son, Saito.

Unfortunately the marriage was not to be and they divorced after five years together.

Daikon learnt of the Turtle Hermit and went to live with him and train under him.
He met a girl named Sandy Kame (and her split personality Boy Sandy), married her and had five more children with her.

Daikon has been through alot, and has changed from a cold-blodded assasin into a kind-hearted family man.

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Daikon me
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